Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hoop Dreams

One of the advantages of Santa Fe is that large snowfalls are rare. At one of the large garden centers here we saw a demonstration of a 4'x8' garden in which various vegetables can survive even though the temperature goes to zero or below.

The base of the "box" is constructed of cedar. The steel hoops have a summer cover and a winter cover that keeps in heat. A soaking hose is run along the ground and one 100 watt light is mounted in an inverted pot to maintain temperature when the outside temperature drops below 38F.

We wanted to see it work for two reasons, curiosity and to have certain vegetables virtually year round.

The system has worked except for the soaker hose. We had to hand soak the ground and may have to do this again in a week.

As part of the "Green Movement" we expect to see many of our neighbors with such a convenience in the next couple of years.

Planted now: spinach. Kale. broccoli, chard, onions, lettuce (various)

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