Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Starting a new nonprofit organization: Healing Voices - Personal Stories

For the past two months I have been busy starting a new nonprofit organization called Healing Voices - Personal Stories.  Creative juices are flowing and I'm excited about this new project.  Of course I'm still painting but as I have mentioned in this blog before, I'm missing the collaborations that directing the Avodah Dance Ensemble provided.   Now I've found the collaborations in a new way.

I've been sharing the fun that I have been having exploring the film industry here in New Mexico and how much I have enjoyed being directed.

Now this has taken me in a new direction.  Motivated by my work leading dance workshops in women's prison I am part of a founding board of Healing Voices - Personal Stories where we hope to create and distribute films to raise public awareness of women's striving to overcome abusive trauma.  Our organization now has a beginning website and a blog that I will be posting on every few days.  I hope that some of the subscribers to our Author and Artist blog will subscribe to Healing Voices - Personal Stories too.

Murray and I will continue to blog here as well.

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