Saturday, December 24, 2011


Here's a fun parody that popped into my mind this week... while a bit late for the First Night of Chanukah very appropriate for tonight!

‘Twas the first night of Chanukah
When all thru the house
Every Creature was stirring
Even pet mouse
The wallets were laid
In a haphazard way
Expecting the gelt
That daddy would pay
Us children were shouting
Refusing to sleep
And Mama was crying
‘Keep this noise to a peep’
When out at the door
Came a knock so loud
I knew it was Grandpa
Who would bring in a crowd.
Dad sprang from his chair
To attend to the matter
Aunts and Uncles trooped in
O my, such chatter
Coins jingling in pockets
Enough for my rockets
Bundles of presents and toys
One for each girl and each boy
Mama, hands on hips, I could tell
She hadn’t expected
This visit from Hell
But ‘wait’ Grandpa shouted
Before anything’s outed
Light candles and recall
Judas Macabee and all

And now I have kids who dutifully shout
‘Not clothes,’ with a pout
‘Please mommy and daddy,
We’d rather have money
All that time in the store, waiting in lines
What happened to me-I opined
Have I been corrupted
By commercials that state,
‘It’s your duty to spend, buy all that you can, and even more’
‘Forget that plea from that old sage advisor
As he bade his good-bye, Grandpa always implored
“Don’t waste money, spend right
“Happy Chanukah to all, I’ll see you next night!”

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