Saturday, November 10, 2007

Old Fuddy duddys writing their first blog

It is late Saturday here in Steamboat Springs, Colorado... no snow, no TV... waiting for the Steelers to play the Browns tomorrow, which is almost today. We are experimenting and exploring this new world of blogging! We hope to do better the next time. Down the road you can look forward to less nonsense and real substance on writing, art, travel experiences and Pittsburgh Sports History.

Murray has published a book, Screamer: The Forgotten Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers. It is based on his father's notes and can be previewed on his website He will be sharing some of his experiences of self publishing and marketing.

JoAnne recently had an exhibit at a local resturant in Steamboat and you can take a tour of the exhibit by visiting her home page at

Right now both of us are getting ready for our trip to the Grand Canyon, hiking down to Supai Village and the Havasui Falls. We will be leaving Steamboat on Tuesday and hiking down on Friday. We would welcome comments from anyone that has done the hike! To get ready, yesterday we packed our backpacks to see how they would feel with the 64 ounces of water and our clothes for three days, along with pain medication, bandages, and moleskin. We trugged up and down our hillside, with Murray particularly experimenting with shoulder padding!

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