Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On the Road: Steamboat to Moab

Our first stop on our journey from Steamboat was at a coffee shop in the small community of Yampa, basically ranching community. Customers were directly out of a John Wayne picture. The walls of Leisure Mountain Gallery and Coffee Shop were covered with the watercolors and photographs taken by and created by the father of one of the customers. Black and white ceramics were created by the husband of the delightful proprietor. We dropped off one of JoAnne's pastels for their upcoming Holiday show and treated ourselves to coffee and sweet roll. The talk was on cattle, hunting and the new super Walmart opening in Craig, over 40 miles away.

We followed the Colorado river through the "community" of Burns, CO. managing to avoid the Interstate as much as possible. We then got lost in the big city of Grand Junction, CO trying to avoid more Interstate but reluctantly found our way back to the Interstate to leave it as soon as possible and take the very scenic byway Utah 128 along the Colorado into Moab.

A quick hike in Arches National Park in the Devil's Garden area finished the day!! A wonderful to start our journey.

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