Saturday, February 9, 2008

Boquete Panama Crime

Thieves are having a field day in Boquete Panama. Anyone traveling to Panama should be very careful and probably avoid the country until authorities get serious about enforcement.

After a delightful and peaceful week here we were robbed of our laptop computers while we were sleeping. A bit creepy to have been broken into at 2 AM through a narrow bathroom window and then had our two laptops and some money from our wallets taken. We immediately notified the owner of our house who lives on the property who called the police. The police did respond quickly to take a report but the word around is that it will amount to nothing.

So we are reading more and determined not to let this stop us from enjoying the rest of our time here. We do want to caution other tourists that this has become a major problem since Christman and that one needs to be extra careful.

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