Monday, February 11, 2008

Boquete touring

Taking local buses is both an inexpensive and interesting way to explore the environs. There are three buses that make circuits from town and return. The round trip for each is $2. You can leave the bus at any point and, knowing its schedule, can get back on. Each segment is $1.

On Friday we took the Alto Quitel or Mono bus. The leg room is not conducive for a big man and the bus, while not packed,was full. We did not get off but made the complete circuit. Passing waterfalls and trails we climbed to the heights overlooking Boquete from the west. We passed the Quetzal trail entrance and the entrance to a coffee plantation.

The locals load up their intown purchases and those picked up on the way load in their things like produce, etc.

On Sunday we road the bus to Jaramillo Alto. This bus was jammed when we got on and the driver made two children give us their seat by the door. The driver then made a circuit around the town center and picked up MORE people. By the time we started up the hill, we were loaded with familes, their purchases including a propane tank.

Going up the hill, we added still more, a trio of hikers. Sardines have more space.

As the bus continued its loop, it began to empty and space for knees became available. As Murray was in the front seat and had to get up for all who wanted to exit, he became the unofficial conductor, opening the door and collecting the fare. What fun!!??

Alto Jaramillo is VERY high and we felt as if we were climbing into the clouds. Our stop was near the end of the loop, so we called for the stop and the driver stopped right before our driveway.

We highly recommend that if you are in Boquete to take these rural circuit buses. It gives one the opportunity to see the very beautiful countryside and to experience how the people live at a very inexpensive cost.

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