Thursday, July 16, 2009

Hike to Smith Lake in the Flat Tops

As we are getting older we find that some of the hikes that we use to do are just too taxing... too steep and too long.  Smith Lake has long been a favorite and we are appreciating this hike more and more.  It is only 0.7 mile each way with an elevation gain of 277 feet.  While it is steep in the beginning, the rest of the hike is quite pleasant.   

Yesterday we headed out for this hike that is in the flat-tops about 30 miles south of Steamboat.  In less than five minutes after arriving we had put our back packs and walking sticks down and were busy photographing the amazing display of wild flowers.  The Indian paintbrush were spectacular.  

A highlight is the creek that flows directly out of the lake. Blue and white wildflowers grace its banks.  The lake itself is peaceful and serene and a wonderful place to just sit quietly.  We have rarely seen anyone else at the lake and yesterday we saw no one on the trail or at the lake.  

Here are a few of our favorite pictures from yesterday.  Enjoy as we did!!

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