Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rabbit Ear Pass Steamboat Springs Colorado

It was unusual for so many wildflowers to be present this late. At the end of June we visited the same area with our grandson, Jonathon. There were NO wildflowers.
Rabbit Ears is easily accessed off of US 40, east of Steamboat Springs. Its name relates to two stone outcroppings on the summit (you can see one of these outcroppings in the picture on the left).

The picture on the right was taken at a picnic area at nearby Lake DuMont. The dominant flowers were Lupine and Indian Paint Brush- but there were many more varieties.


José said...


The first photo shows some great colours.
Those lilacs (the colour I guess it's lilac, the flowers I don't know :-) ) give a really nice touch.

Best regards,


JoAnne said...

Thanks Jose. The lilac color flowers are called Lupine and are typically bluish when they are in the wild. They are also cultivated in various colors for home gardens and we saw amazing ones in Patagonia.