Friday, February 10, 2012

Hawaii-Journey to the Big Island-Part 2 Volcano

Our Hola Hola began with the short journey to the north to the tropical garden mentioned in Part 1. Distances on the Big Island are not vast like they are in the West. You need not drive more than an hour to see different vistas or explore new frontiers.

As we approached Volcano we spotted a sign for a glass maker. You're not permitted to place signage except on your own property. The glass factory backs to the main highway(#11), but we guessed as to how to get there. Making the next turn and driving a road that parallels #11 we came to the end and the glass factory. Inside a converted garage we were treated to a demonstration of glass blowing. Temperature of the furnace was 2400F.
A showroom adjoins the work space where casual and extremely intricate art glass was displayed. Another couple, serious collectors of glass, were discussing the purchase of one of the pieces. We were looking and came across of bud vase that was beautifully done, but must be categorized as 'casual.' We bought it. Having made two sales-one significant, the couple decided to close early and celebrate.

Our stay was set for the Lokahi Lodge. The office was separate from the residence units in the Volcano Village. The unit was spacious and we also had access to a large lodge room where we could work at a table and use our computers.

There were a few places to have a meal all of which were excellent. After dinner we drove back to the Park (we had been there earlier to ask questions at the Visitor Center). The featured attraction of the evening was visiting the area near the Jaggar Museum and watching the plume from the active hole. As darkness fell, the plume gave brighter and more intense color (see pictures). It reminded me of the Bessemer furnaces in the steel mills of Pittsburgh.

Along the drive to the Museum, many vent hole could be seen spewing steam-the picture of Hades.

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