Monday, February 20, 2012

Hawaii-Journey to the Big Island-Part 5-The Hilton

On the way to Waimea we decided to stop at the Hilton At Waikoloa Village. We had read about the art collection, sea turtles and dolphins so we just had to stop. Also we would have been too early for our B and B in Waimea (Aaah the Views).

There is plenty of visitor parking, and the maximum charge is $15 that can be offset by purchases made at the hotel (keep your receipts).

In the lobby two large parrots were squawking. Prominent is a train that circles the Hotel's park. We rode it noting each stop and where would like to get off and explore.

The Convention stop offered restrooms and a chance to visit an exquisite display of oriental art including a hall of large vases.

Walking the perimeter of a inlet we crossed a bridge and immediately saw the green turtles that reside and reproduce in that beach area. The garden is well kept and displays many varieties of floral plants and philodendron.

We knew nothing of the parking lot offset, but decided to have lunch at one of the outdoor restaurants. Service was what you'd expect from such a hotel. After lunch we watched as people played with the dolphins (or should I say, the dolphins played with the people). They are such graceful swimmers and can propel themselselves more than a body length into the air and jump through hoops.

After a couple of hours in HiltonLand, we drove around the village. The shops are for tourists, but upscale. We departed for Waimea, our next stop.

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