Saturday, December 8, 2007

Book signing

My biography of my father, Screamer: The Forgotten Voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers, literally flew off the shelf at Off the Beaten Path, a small independent bookstore in Steamboat Springs, Colorado on Thursday. Steamboat is a town of 10,000 permanent residents, and many skiers. Weather was threatening, but a group of over twenty braved the potential of heavy snow to listen to my presentation and to have me sign their books. Surprising to me was the number of twenty and thirty-somethings who never lived in Pittsburgh who bought the book.

I talked for thirty-minutes using excerpts from the book along with a discussion of my father’s philosophy a full version of which can be found by visiting:

I focused on the subject of early sports broadcasting, some of the people my father worked with such as Bob Prince, Rosey Rosewell, Bill Cullen and his philosophy of being prepared based on his first experience interviewing. You can hear a reading on Bill Cullen by visiting:

Read more about the book, including excerpts by visiting my website:

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